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by Mirko Riha
Good day. Few weeks ago, the writer had a hip replacement operation, the reason for the bariatric forearm crutches. This remarkable surgery operation replaces the old, worn out joint with titanium, ceramic ball and  polyethylene liner inside the metal socket. The exhibited model of Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM, replaces alternated electric technology with pneumatic technology. The Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM replaces the alternated electric current and its electromagnetic field with compressed air.An active household.
 It is incredible that during the geological times, such an amount of organic matter was accumulated and  changed into oil and gas. Today's oil's extraction can be compared to a huge river, flow 24 hours,daily,year round. Unfortunately, will not flow for ever.
The world should be ready for this time. The sustainable energy oAir powered households is one of the solutions. 
DESCRIPTION. The presented model of the proposed Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM shows in colours the different compounds of the technology. The air compressor with heat exchange liquid/fluid is collared red, with out/in white tubings. The compressed air out/in pipes in black. The air compressor air intake has CO2 filter white/grey and air tanks have goldish colour. From sunlight the solar panels are producing direct current DC electricity. The solar driven air compressor is operated by direct current electric motor, without the costly and energy consuming DC/AC invertors. Instead of solar, the air compressor can be  run by wind power turbines, or tidal, or waves, or geothermal  energy or any other sustainable energy source. The proposed household's technology is powered by sustainable energy direct current, replacing  the man made alternating current and its electromagnetic field EMF. Single, direct current protected cable, from the solar panels  powers the air compressor. Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM (patent pending) project proposal offering:
SAFETY. No electric roof wiring. The recent Australian Government home insulation installation program,  would have been totally successful and safe. Globally, faulty electric wiring are often causing injuries, death, damaged and burn down houses, great financial losses.
POWER POINTS. The traditional electric power points and the compressed air power points are displayed. 
Globally, the sustainable energy powered Air households by solar, wind turbines, tidal, waves, would contribute to the world environment and climate.
CARBON DIOXIDE FILTER. The air intake for the air compressor has a carbon dioxide filter, filtering carbon dioxide from the air entering the compressor. Such filters removing carbon dioxide from air, are used in submarines and orbital human spaceflight missions. The process by which carbon dioxide is removed from he atmosphere is known as carbon sequestration. A number of methods are known. One of them is activated carbon as carbon dioxide scrubber. The carbon dioxide is absorbed onto the activated carbon. Once the the filter is saturated with carbon dioxide, it is regenerated. Over the household's garden, the carbon dioxide content is back washed. The carbon dioxide fertilization.  Plants utilize carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Resulting in beautiful flowers, growing vegetables, shrubs and trees. In combination with the carbon dioxide filter, an allergy filter, or any other filter.
GAS (AIR) LAW. In accordance to Charles law V/T=V1/T1,for
gasses, including air, adiabatic changes in temperature occur due to
changes in pressure. Adiabatic heating by the  compression of air
and adiabatic cooling when air pressure is reduced. The solar and
air managed household technology offers free water heating and
winter heating and free summer cooling. The air we breathe,
compressed, gives energy for powering our appliances and
machinery. The decompressed air we breathe. 
WATER SAVING . The combination of compressed air with water  will save water. The writer's invention, the automatic, dry-wet-dry massaging  shower requires only 5 litres of water per wash. Compared to 90 litres per 10 minutes (with water sawing shower head) per shower, up to 1000 litres per minute for a luxury shower. More than 90% water savings. A similar saving is to be expected within other household's appliances, such as combined washmachine/dryer. For the small amount of water required, the drying will continue within the washmachine.The detergent for washmachine and dishwasher replaced by the exhausted compressed air.
LIGHTING AND ELECTRONICS.The incandescent light bulbs are being replaced by either fluorescent tubes, or compact fluorescent lights, or light-emitting diodes. In incandescent bulbs AC electricity runs through thin tungsten wire producing hot heat and light. Wastes a lot of energy. Fluorescent tubes with gas filament and phosphorus coating require a starter switch, capacitor and ballast to produce light. The fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights  powered by direct current use much less power than powered by alternating current. Micro oAir powered direct current generator can provide the small amount of power for lighting, with the exhaust providing cooling. The computers run by small air direct current generator, the cold expanding exhaust cooling the processor, graphics card, hard drives and all other components.
VIOLENT WEATHER STORMS. Recently experienced  in Perth, with trees down and electric powerlines cut and blacked out.  Lighting strike often damage substations and transmissions. Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM,guaranties no power cut during storms. oAir pressurised household, with oair cylinder may support flat roof overweighted by water, or snow. 
FLOODS. A sealed house in which released air from compressed air tanks will increase  atmospheric pressure and keep flood water away from carpets and furniture.
BUSHFIRE, WILDFIRE. During bushfire, wildfire and any other fire, the oair of air tanks, provide energy 24 hours/year around. One of the fire fighting method is to cover the house by a thermal blanket. There are a number of blankets available withstanding high temperatures. Another fire fighting method is to cover the house with fire fighting foam (CAFS),  spread over the building,  or gel, or sticky solids. People who decide to stay to defend their households breathe cold air released from air tanks, instead of hot toxic gases.
THE DRAWBACK OF SUSTAINABLE ENERGY. The common drawback is that the production of electricity is not demand-oriented. The production of electricity is weather and daylight dominated. Hence, the sustainable energy sources, the solar, wind turbines, tidal,vaves require energy storage. Except the geothermal energy, with the drawback that it may release unwanted gasses from the geological formations, such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphate, methane and ammonia.
Overseas, off peak wind turbine energy should power an  air compressor and be stored into geological formation. Two such plants are in existence at McIntosh, USA, salt cavern at depths of 600-800m and at Huntorf, Germany salt cavern  at depths 450-750m. The USA, company Pacific Gas & Electric, pursuing less high-tech approach, asked the Department of Energy for a $25 million grant  to store compressed air underground into the geological formations. The plants should provide electricity on demand to grid, converting the compressed air together with natural gas into a turbine, powering a generator. 
Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM, in large numbers, are powered in situ by either solar, or from nearby wind turbines and any of the sustainable energy sources. Energy stored in the long lasting air tanks of households. For the short distances, the electric cables are buried underground. Eventually, the extra stored energy is diverted to the power grid, on demand.  
THE WORLD LEADERS WERE INFORMED. The proposal of Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM technology was submitted to the Secretary General of United Nations. In October 2009, the proposal was read and noted, with the advice that any proposal must be presented to the Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations. The writer's proposal was immediately sent to the Permanent Mission of Australia. The proposal was submitted to the Secretary General of World Health Organisation for consideration. Thanks letters followed, with the Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM acknowledged as an alternative technology. The writer suggested to the President of USA, Barack Obama  a cooperation between Australia and USA, as the proposed technology is in reality a global project. The project proposal will be reviewed and taken under advisement.   Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM technology was made known at Internet, Goggles under the writers name, a submission to the 2009 Victorian bushfire Royal Commission and www.

HEALTH ENVIRONMENT. The human brain performs an incredible number of tasks. In addition, controlls many of body's automatic and motor functions. Our brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves make up a complex, integrated information processing and control system. The  human body system is using chemistry and electricity. Human brain without electricity would not work. Each atom of human body has positive protons, negative electrons and neutral neutrons. Out of balance, an atom becomes positive, or negative, sending signals to the brain. Human bodies have huge masses of atoms. The recent (8.2.2010) ABC TV Australian Story program, described the story of Samuel, son of the  radio and TV personality and comedian Mr Red Symons. Samuel's bed was next to an electric transformer. Four years old he suffered with aggressive tumor,requiring brain surgery and as a seven years old thyroid cancer, again removed. The house was sold and family moved. In the new environment Samuel improved. The very courageous Samuel started university.  Many studies were and are carried out to determine the influence of man made alternating current of low frequency electromagnetic field, on human body. Until now, the results are inconclusive. More and more powerful AC machines are used in  households and statistically, more and more illnesses are increasing, such as allergies, depressions, mental problems and immunity disorders. No human is the same and to generalise the effect of the man made electricity and its electromagnetic fields on an individual person, can be misleading. Is it possible that under circumstances, the automatic and motor functions sensors give brain such a stressful messages, that the brain instead  of removal unwanted bacteria and viruses control, makes the deadly decision to attack its own immune system? It is expected that Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM environment is healthy, where brain, and body may relax and be refreshed. The constant bombarded by differing currents and electromagnetic fields will be avoided. 
About 25 years ago, the writer discovered the benefits of compressed air technology. He was poisoned by a mixture of toxins illegally  disposal into disused basalt quarries. His duty was to investigate groundwater pollution  of western suburbs of Melbourne. His health suffered badly, with a permanent disability. The toxin in his body led to  hypersensitivity to AC and EMF. This led to oair solution, tools and equipment to built prototypes. The realization of the health benefits of compressed air, led to a number of pneumatically powered household's inventions. His other household inventions is a lift up platform for any chair placed upon, the intensity controlled massaging chair and an automatic umbrella/table union. The space saving umbrella/table union, is folded and stored high on a wall. By push of a level  oair erects the umbrella and table for 10 people. oAir may power all of the household's machinery and appliances.  
FUTURE. The global industries are providing employment and  must expand. Therefore more and more AC powerful appliances are on sale, more and more desalination plants are planned and built, requiring more and more generations of electric power, power plants,more and more bureaucracy, including amenities and hospitals. Thinking should be changed to stop the future environmental and climate chaos. The pioneering project, Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM, if globally mass produced, would assure   many new and advanced industries and employment. Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM, is environtally friendly, provides energy storage, reducing carbon dioxide content, using renewable energy, is safe, water saving, provides heating, cooling and is healthy. This pioneering project tackles the environmental issues facing our world.
CONCLUSION. Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM represents a fundamental change of tradition. There are good examples when the world leaders agreed that some of the technologies have an adverse effects on global environment. Consequently, these old technologies were replaced by different new technologies. To mention some: the refrigerant R-12 and R-22, was replaced by R-134a, the leaded petrol was changed to unleaded and recently incandescent bulb are being  replaced by fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights.

It is envisaged that the recognition of the benefits of the futuristic Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM technology, will lead to national, or international project testing.
©1988-2010 Mirko Riha

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