The inventor Mirko/(Mirco up to 1967) Riha, engineer-geologist, hydrogeologist.supported by his family, sons Michael and David Riha*(19.11.2016).. An AUSTRALIAN REGISTERED DESIGN AND CERTIFICATE OF EXAMINATION DESIGN NO. 338731 AND PATENTED TECHNOLOGY 2009248427, WORKING IN-LINE BLENDING WITH NATURE, INCLUDING THE SURVIVAL, DURING NATURAL DISASTERS.     




Technology designed ánd developed for working with nature, instead of against it. Including the temporary wild weather conditions. Natural disasters have profound environmental effect, often causing many human fatalities and financial losses.Australia experiences bushfire tragedies such as Ash Wednesday and Black Saturday with human fatalities and lost properties.  Last year 2014, was the warmest 12 months, according the international analyses of NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  The natural disasters becoming more frequent and increasing, due to the climate change. Australian Bureau of Meteorology shows that nationally rainfall was 37 mm below the long term average in 2013, the hottest year since records began in 1910, with temperatures 1.2 C above the long term average. Bushfire, heatwave, floods and other natural disasters, are increasing. November 2015, the Paris, World Leaders Climate Change Conference. The new technology for either eliminating, or reduction of natural disasters, were presented. Many thanks are due to the world non-profit organization: The Climate Reality Project, for their appreciation.During the last decade alone, disasters have significantly affected about 2.5 billion people (Global Affairs Canada,2014). For the present and future, there is a great importance of disaster prevention, mitigation and disaster prevention.  

The climate change is pairing with other threads requiring updated, modern technologies. During each year, the house occupants enjoy the nature view from their house. Prior to a natural disaster, family house is lowered, disappears into cool underground. During flood, if floats. The writer's patented and design technology is programmed to save human life and their family house, save health of the rescue crewman, fireman, and others, and consequently save millions/billions of dollars. The prescribed winter burning, to reduce fuel loads, may cause health problems for the fire fighters. Inventions changing traditional, methods require time and finances. 

The human habitation expands deeper into scattered bush, with big houses on large land, weekend places and hobby farms.Clearing bush for bushfire prevention leads to bush free desert. Bush helps removing CO2 from the atmosphere during photosynthesis to form carbohydrate for the bush growth and return oxygen back to the atmosphere. Often changing a functional land into dysfunctional land. The cost of bushfire is yearly millions of dollars and increasing. Planes, helicopters, the dangerous work of the fire extinguishing brigade, fire fighting equipment and our precious fresh water supply. Back to the nature. Adaptation of new technology is essential, to reduce the ever increasing financial burden.

Family houses built in their beautiful surroundings, are exposed to natural disasters and vulnerable. Underground houses excavated in rigid limestone, such as at Coober Pedy, escape the extreme heat of the areas, cooled by the Earth rocks. Without windows, for some people, such living may be claustrophobic. The writer's Australian patented invention provides a safe passage throughout the natural disasters. Family house enjoys the beautiful surroundings and prior to natural disaster, is lowered underground into the safety of the Earth soils, or rocks, with steady temperature. After the natural disaster, the house is lifted into its beautiful surroundings. During bushfire, the construction of a common family house should have the ability to withstand the impact from a bushfire, particularly embers. The common house vertical walls, with roof, are exposed to the bushfire and embers. The house construction should be of light weight, for lowering of the house underground, prior to bushfire and retrieving, after the bushfire. The house design is similar to a double storey house,  one storey of the house, underground, with steady temperature, throughout the year. The usage of 400 years construction of straw-bale method, can be considered, rècommended by CSIRO, with magnesium oxide boards. The modern, compressed straw-bale is of light weight for easy lowerintiong the house underground, prior to bushfire and retrieving, after bushfire. Magnesium oxide boards for outside, with insulatio in between. House build modern, of wood, aluminium, or light galvanised, or chrome plated steel profiles frame, with light fibrè cement boards, or similar, light boards outside and inside and insulation in between and an additional board floor ad ceilling. 

During the natural disaster emergency, the lowered family house, into its low level storey, underground, prior to bushfire, causes no obstacle to embers and bushfire, extreme temperatures. The embers and bushfire heat passes over and away from corrugated roof.  Bushfire is not capable of melting corrugated steel roof, heated at the exposed side and cooled at the opposite side by the Earth.  It takes time for heat to be transferred to the cooler steel roof. The rate of heat transfer decreases, due to the temperature of the steel roof approaching that of the heat source, and being cooled from the other side of the steel roof. The invention saves national finances and precious water large amount required for the fire fighting drills. On the 21. September,2015, the new technology was introduced to the President of  United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama, for consultation with industry. The Prime Minister of Australia was notified.

During bushfire, the private bushfire shelters save life (Centre for International Economics Canberra & Sydney, January 2011. The houses remain exposed to the heat of 1000 C. The proposed lowered family house, prior to bushfire underground, saves house occupant and the house. Either the house occupants remain in the lowered house, during natural disaster, or leave the house by means of a safe passage. Returning, after the natural disaster, using the previously mentioned technology, to lift their house from underground and enjoying their undamaged house.  During the year, the sized underground cellar can be used as a number of sports.In a situation where groundwater close to surface, there are more possibilities. Either built the cellar, with groundwater pumped out and groundwater isolated by a waterproof wall, or excavate a shallow cellar and build a ram around the house. Thus, the bushfire,or cyclone, hurricane winds are blown over, without any resistance.    

For engineers around the world, the main focus are large structure, such as high rise buildings, bridges, towers and other large structures, to ensure security. The seismic control strategies are base on the reduction of energy which effects a structure.

Modern high rise buildings, having robust seismic design with scour and uplift- resistant foundation survive earthquakes and tsunami. The destabilizing action of earthquake on construction, in accordance to Wikipedia: Earthquake Engineering, may be direct (seismic motion of the ground) and indirect (earthquake-induced landslides, soil liquefaction and tsunami). The building are build prestressed to cope with the disaster conditions. The advantage of the high rise building is their weight, an important part of the pre-compression. Tsunami, following the earthquake, their waves height can be as great as 10 meters (30 meters in extreme cases). The basement and the above basement of high rise building are often damaged. The force of tsunami break is enormous. Houses are destroyed. All demolished material moves with water with great force, can kill, or injure people. As the high rise buildings are constructed to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis, despite such a damage, the buildings sway and generally, remain safe. Bridges, built to withstand earthquake sway, under a control.

In Europe, the writer an engineering geologist, his duty was to evaluate safe foundation of many buildings, bridges, including the Slovak Republic nuclear power plant in Bohunice His father a successful barrister and solicitor, during Czechoslovakia's communistic regime, was twice jailed for being an anti-communist, including 5 years in Jachymov uranium mines. Because of his injury, in the mines, his sentence was reduced to three years. Jailing of his father was very dangerous for the writer. For any professional mistake, he would be proclaimed a enemy of state and prosecuted. His work had to be were correct and that under different geological conditions, was difficult..

Prior to the natural disaster, the birds fly away. The animals run away. These having not possibility to escape, go underground, into their deep borrows, for survival.
During the natural disasters family houses remain vulnerable for a number of reasons, such as of low heights (submerged during tsunami and floods); shallow foundation built on concrete floor/slab, rigid houses are destroyed by earthquakes, huge waves of tsunami and floods. Built on studs, attacked by tsunami, or torrent flood huge waves, are forced away from their studs foundation, floating and eventually destroyed. The common family house foundation and construction, is below the minimum life safety during natural disasters. Causing loss of life, injuries, loss of family house, loss of valuables and irreplaceable memorabilia. Lately, worldwide natural catastrophes, causing financial losses over $200 billions/yearly. Rebuilding houses is costly, with new houses of similar construction, awaiting the next disaster. The insurance premiums are higher and higher, with the whole nation paying for the great losses. The scientists predict more global disasters.

Expected increase of disasters require new ideas, preserve people from life loss, harm and injury and keep safe family houses.Mankind started off living in caves.Some of the modern and energy-efficient houses are built underground.The proposed house technology demonstrates a special house surrounded by the beautiful nature. Prior to the natural catastrophe is lowered underground, securing the safety of the occupants and their property, if necessary by remote control. The common natural disasters are short-lived.Following the natural disaster, the house is lifted to its beautiful surrounding. 

The writer presents an avant-garde proposition to built a family house, withstanding thread and risks of the natural disasters and saving life of occupants. The writer is a member of the United Nation Association of Australia (WA). The roofs of the family houses are of fully opened umbrella form design. German green roof is of consideration to reduce temperature under the roof. His strategy involves separating the family house of any shape, from its flex foundation and added rod/tube guidance securing house vertical stability. The flex foundation allows hose controlled  movement to avoid damage, during the natural disaster. The principle of the house foundation is a certificate of registration design and certificate of examination design. Prototype complete testing of a scale model, recovering full functionality, past natural disaster.The single family house of rather smaller dimension, is relatively light. Two, or more, side by side neighbour houses, with passage, provide adequate space for larger family.Prior to the natural disaster, the passage(s) between houses is removed and after the natural disaster, when house lifted to the surface level, the passage(s)  reinstalled. The side by side, lighter, either single house, or unit houses are easier to lower, prior to the natural disaster and then recover by means of the corner guides. Arranged Line-Up light built houses are preferable, easy to line up excavate and maintain.

The Arranged Line-Up side by side, two, or more unit houses, with passage, with doors, in between the houses, provide adequate space for large family, or school, or small business, or other purposes. For a large family, one unit house is the kitchen, second unit house is for entertaining and the third unit house for bedrooms. The single Arranged Line-up house is of small dimension, light built, require simple Line-Up excavation, with erected dividing walls, to set apart the single houses. The unit houses light built, have erected dividing walls with passage openings. Prior to the natural disaster, the doors of the passage(s) between the unit houses are closed and the unit houses individually lowered into its enclosure/cellar. Passage opening in the wall permits communication in between the unit houses, underground. Guided sliding of the units may avoid the passage wall. During emergencies, the doors are closed. Following the natural disaster, the single houses and the unit houses are individually elevated to the surface level. The unit houses doors are opened, the passages between unit houses are reinstalled. The side by side Arranged Line-Up single house, or unit houses are lighter and easier to lower underground. The Arranged Line-Up is either single house, or unit house, or consists of single rooms: the bedroom, entertaining room and kitchen, individually lowered underground. 

USED RIGHT THROUGH THE YEAR. Unit is either a house, or room. With the extended guides, one, or all units are lifted to treetops. Beauty, view and light in treetop seclusion. The world, including Australia, regularly experiences extreme temperatures. The Australian heatwave is a serious danger  for children, the old and the sick. Lowered room(s), or house with occupants into the Earth's steady temperature, in comfort, restore their health and well-being. Same applies to extreme cold temperatures. In winter, the lifted unit is warmed by the sun, non, or only low heating is required. For the night the unit is lowered underground, into the steady earth temperature. In summer, the units half lifted, to be cooled by the steady  earth temperature. Lowered for night into the earth steady temperature, no air conditioner required. Some people suffer sleeping disorders. Lowered their bedroom individually underground, surrounded by Earth, may solve their problem. The entertaining room for a noisy party, individually lowered underground, would not cause troubles with neighbour and kitchen lowered underground. Prior to the natural disaster the underground houses roofs are locked to face the natural disaster. After the natural disaster, the roofs are unlocked, allowing  the single house and unit houses, rooms individual elevation to the surface level. Once fully elevated, their roofs are locked for strengths of the complex. Individually slide guided, lowered and recovered  bedroom, entertaining room and kitchen, due to reduced weight, is easier. The roof made from fireproof incombustible material, such as magnesium oxide.

The lowering and recovery by mechanical means, or pneumatic, or hydraulic. The individual bedroom, entertaining room and kitchen are of light weight, compared to the weight of the whole house.For bushfire, wildfire and possible hurricane, cyclones the flexing foundation is not required. Just a platform with guiding studs, for guided lowering of the rooms, house unit, or a house and recover.EARTHQUAKE, IN PLACES REMOTE FROM SEA

During earthquakes, it as essential than a family house can withstand the advanced tremors,shaking,rolling, or sudden impact. Ground shaking generates internal forces within the houses, causing most damage. .

The foundation platform, near the land surface having rods within holes. The bottoms of the rods are solidly cemented into the ground. Reducing the effect of seismic loading Above the platform, strong springs fitted over the rods, provide the spring-loaded strengths. Preferable, rubbery material is attached, to the house base, between the house and the platform.Old car tyres are an alternative. The rubber material will provide base isolation and act to absorb shock.Four rods/tubes, preferable hardened hollow drill rods at each of the house corners one, are firmly attached to the platform, with their button end and loosely attached within the house corners, ensuring the house stability. The specially anchored foundation platform, permits the house horizontal torsion twisting, vertical and lateral inclination, with the rod/tubes providing stability. A house close to epicentre, may be inclined, as a result of the earthquake, but not destroyed. The technology is fireproof.

The writer vigorously tested his model of the future family house. The model was resistant, unaffected and stood up to the tests.


The similar technique as for earthquake. The foundation platform close to the land surface. Having rods within holes

The four rod/tubes preferable the threaded hollow drill rods, attached to the platform with their bottom end and at each house corners, are extendable, in dependence of the rising water level. Another guidance rod/tube within the middle, if house too large. Flotation material attached to the house base. With the rising water, the house floating, guided by the rod/tubes. If rising continues, another section of rod/tubes are screwed to the existing. Threaded, or quick coupling rod/pipes are extended. However if the maximal water level is predicted too high for extension, long rod/tubes are used, extended through and above the roof of the house and sealed. The rod/tubes guide the house securely above the anchored platform. Once the water level peaks, water level begins to subside and the house is guided by the rod/tubes back towards its platform. Both walls of the house facing the flood current and opposite, are parabolically shaped. This shape, divides the flood flow, guiding the flow alongside the house, without disturbance.The flood current may utilized for generating of compressed air. 


The family houses located close to sea, tsunami' waves often follows the earthquake. the same applies to houses close to a dam, damaged by earthquake. Houses are attack by huge wall of water 10 to 30 meters high. The water masses destroying everything in their way. Causing complete collapse of houses of residential light-frame construction. Frontal and lateral extreme forces on a structure are often the reason causing buildings to collapse. Tsunami series of waves travel with high speed. Meteorology institutes provide warning, either by means of electronic media, or siren, or other means, to give people the precious time to lower their houses into safe earth surroundings.  

In many parts of Europe, family houses often have cellars under the whole house. Cellars, give constant temperature, for storing perishables, smoked meat, wine, place of socializing, saving electricity for cooling and warming.

The proposed special foundation of a house, having flotation material attached to the base of the house. The project of a family house, facing tsunami, tornado, hurricane, cyclone, violent storms, torrent floods, has a scheme cellar cavity. The cellar is dug out large enough for the family house. Once the cavity is excavated, four walls frames secure any cave-ins within  loose ground. The cavity frame water tight for areas with shallow groundwater level. Cavity in rigid rocks may not require four wall frames. During an emergency, a house is lowered into the cavity, to avoid the destructing powers of huge waves. Prior to disasters, the waste water pipeline is redirected from sewer to a waste water container, at house's lower level. The fresh water is disconnected from the main. A fresh water container is filled with fresh water, for occupants and household usage. 

The foundation platform is positioned at the bottom of the cellar cavity. Below the platform the attached rods, with their bottom ends cemented into underlaying soil formation, permit twisting and inclination Above the platform, four vertical rod/tubes, threaded hardened hollow drill rod are firmly attached to the platform and loosely within the four house corners and one in the middle, if house large. During years free of tsunamis, tornado, hurricane, cyclones and other violent storms, the house is locked to the four rod/tubes at the land surface. Occupants of such a house may enjoy the cellar of constant temperature, for escape from heatwave, for storage of perishables, wine and socializing. Taking the air from the cellar of constant temperature to cool the house in summer and warm in winter, reducing the cooling and heating outlays. Prior to tsunami, tornados, hurricane, cyclones violent winds, the cellar cavity is emptied, cleared. The house locked to its four/five rod/tube locks, holding the house at surface level, are unlocked, letting the house slowly,\ lowered, guided by the rod/tubes to the foundation platform to be locked. The enormous power of tsunami, the huge waves with the masses of water, destroy anything in its way, often people in thousands are killed and houses destroyed. Tsunamis great damaged is caused by the mass of water travelling at high speed and the destruction power of large amount of water draining off the land. Strong current can lead to the erosion of foundation causing collapse of bridges and seawalls.

The proposed technique is for survival of occupants and protection of the family house. Prior to a disaster the house is lowered into its cellar cavity. and is locked to the rod/tubes. Conical roof, of an umbrella form, is shielding the solar panels. The roof is solidly attached to the house. With the house lowered into its cellar cavity, the roof remains at land surface. The huge waves and volume of sea water, bypasses the conical, umbrella shaped roof. To remain undamaged from floating debris, the roof attached to the house with the special foundation, permits some movement, avoiding damaged. With the windows and doors sealed the house is pressurized by compressed air from the battery of air tanks is protected during the major force of tsunami.Spare air tanks safety holding air at pressure of 300 bars. The house is locked to the rod/tubes, otherwise it would float, as the buoyancy equal weight of displaced fluid (Archimedes), plus the added house buoyancy. In geotechnic engineering terminology, the house, with sealed windows and doors becomes a kind of a caisson, keeping water leaks out by pressured air. The interspace between the steel frame cellar walls and the house is narrow, with water rather unmoving, despite the huge waves and turbulence at the surface. The house windows, doors and walls are protected by air pressure balancing the water pressure. During natural disasters,houses often catch fire. A family house managed by compressed, air technology, is fireproof.

Once the huge waves settle into small waves going back and forth, with increased seawater level, the family house is unlocked from the rod/tubes and by means of its attached buoyancy, flotation material, rises throughout the column of water. If rod/tube not in one piece extended above roof, the rod/tube are extended with the house temporary locked in, in dependence to the length of the extent rod/tubes. Settles above the water level, guided by the rod/tubes. During the fast rise from cellar through the water column, the air pressurized house remains dry. The technique enables a family house withstand attack tsunami, tornado, hurricanes, cyclones, violent storms and floods.

The house wall, facing the sea, is parabolic shaped, divides the current flow and guides alongside the house. The parabolic shaped opposite, back of the house, divides the backwash and guides the flow alongside the house. As water level increases, the permanent loating material continue to lift the family house, oŕ the inflatable bags filled with air.The guiding rods/ tubes, attached to the foundation, are either extent to cope with the rising water level, keeping the house dry and floating, or of full length, extended above the roof.. Both, full lengths and extent rod/tubes cope with the rising water level, until the flood peaks. With water slowly falling the rods/tubes guide the family house towards the foundation. The hose is locked to the rod/tubes at the surface level, with the free cellar. Water from the cellar cavity is pumped out. Utilization of the tornado, hurricanes, cyclones, storms and floods for generating compressed air.

The model of the house survived the vigorous testing, physical and computer.


The past bushfire history demonstrates great loss of live and loss of properties. The simulation fire tests of houses by CSIRO demonstrated that houses, even built of steel, have little chance to survive a bushfire.

Bushfire = Composite of  glowing very hot Amber+strong Wind+Temperatures over 1 000 C.

1. The century-old USA and (Australian) Government policy of fighting fires, of letting them burn, has led to a build-up of the very tinder that lesser fires once destroyed as part of the natural process. (Laura Parker, National Geograpic August 2015). Fighting nature fires in USA and Australia.. Subsequently, it is not possible totally get rid of the bush wilderness, at the habitation site, by creating expensive desert and wasteland. Creating an ecological great harm to natural vegetation and native species. Costing USA taxpayers $400 million bushfire prevention program, which combines mechanical removal of trees with planning burning(ABC rural). How megafires are remaking American forests ).. For the recent 2015 US wildfires, thousand of fighter were fighting firers, with their equipment, fire fighting helicopters were used and fire fighting aeroplanes=water tanks. Despite their effort,over 1 000 of houses burned, with 5.5. million acres. three fire fighters died and many were injured. The fire fighters are really in the battle with the nature. Often, the nature is more powerful then all of the human effort and technology. The financial burden is very high. The US and Australia nature requires fire to maintain ecological health and biodiversity  

2. The writer's proposal is a new nature comparable technology, sustainable with the Australian nature and climate change.  Prior to bushfire house disappear underground, lowered into the cold earth cavity, protecting the house occupants and the house. The hot air is blown over the protected house top. No vertical house walls and no obstruction. The lowered house into cold underground,  may have any number and size windows, facing north,west,south and east and door openings.

 The hot embers, strong wind and bushfire temperature over 1000 C to allow the embers and fire storm to literary, pass over the lowered house roof, without any resistance, or obstruction. In accordance to the updated June 2014 Victorian Building Authority, the corrugated roof combination, having fusion temperature in access to 1120oC and long-term surface operating temperature of not less than 650oC. 

The extensive bushfire uproar, is greatly reduced by the house special roof construction, the occupants of the lowered house feel safe. Once the bushfire danger passes, the undamaged houses are lifted with their uninjured occupants, saving millions/billions of dollars.

As the climate warms, moisture and precipitation levels are changing and dry areas becoming drier. Dry conditions increase the bushfire seasons, bushfire will be more intensive. The cost of bushfire, the property damage, risk to human life and health are already devastating  and are likely to increase.
With common technologies, it is difficulties to protect a family house during bushfire, bushfire embers and fire storms. Wind drives fire and its spread, providing current of air, a continuous supply of oxygen. The wind shift can immediately widen the fire front and cause more damage. The bushfire create their own weather pattern. A family house, with its vertical, or curved walls, causes an obstruction for the base flow of the hot wind. The obstructed wind with embers and combustible gasses of more than 1000 degree of Celsius is rising along the vertical walls of the house and over the roof of the house. The base flow of the hot wind is drawn to the house base and reinforcing the continuous updraft and over the roof. A family house built by common methods can hardly survive such an inferno. In accordance to the Buildings standard in Victoria after the bushfire: "The new building standard will improve protection for new buildings in Victoria. However, it does not guarantee that a building or its occupants will survive a bushfire due to the unpredictable nature of bushfire".  A house exposed to bushfire, most vulnerable windows and doors, roof and walls. Once fire enters house everything is destroyed and toxic, hot gasses kill the occupants. The finding of the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission concentrates on early warning system and evacuation of houses occupants. Successfully applied. Most of the deadly bushfire occur during the dry, hot season. In Australia, the bushfire does not destroy houses at the same locality each year. However, due to the global warming, the dangers intensify.December 2015, loss to fire 116 homes, at Great Ocean Road, Victoria, despite the home's fire protection.Therefore more desirable is care, adaptation of new technology than plunder, costing billions of dollars.
Heat-waves and other weather extremes which now occur in hundreds of years will become the new normal as the planet warms further, according to a major scientific report by the World Bank Group.

The proposed house foundation platform is positioned at the bottom of the cellar cavity. Once that is public announcement of bushfire approach, the house is unlocked from the rod/tube and is lowered, guided by rod/tubes into its cellar cavity.The house landing at the foundation platform, their occupants are protected. The Earth natural insulation protects the house, its floors, walls, windows and doors from the extreme bushfire temperatures. Only the roof a fully opened umbrella form, is exposed and requires fire protection, either by fireproof foam, or fireproof textile, HIPS coating, or sprinkler system. In the future, the roof  built for high temperatures of the bushfire, a thermoelectric generator, supplying electricity for the occupants. Upper part of the roof exposed to the high temperature and the hidden site, cooled. Such a system provides information progress of bushfire, its intensity, temperature, duration and the passing of the bushfire. Solar electricity, during the year. Once the area is safe, the occupant may leave the house through the roof exit and the elevation of the house to its pre-bushfire surface level.The inventor is using his full name for design distinguishing, as there are other Riha companies.

MIRKO RIHA HOUSE DESIGN FOR MOST OF NATURAL DISASTERS, SUCH AS HURRICANE, TORNADO, CYCLONE, TSUNAMI, VIOLENT STORMS, WILD TORRENT FLOODS AND AS ABOVE MENTIONED BUSHFIRE WILDFIRE AND MEGA-FIRE. During his youth, the industrial city of Brno, Czech Republic, was often bombarded. The only survives were people in reinforced cellars and tunnels. 

Mirko Riha house design is having float structure attached to the base of the house, or inflaatable bags. Prior to the natural disaster, the house is speedily lowered into its cellar cavity, guided by the rod/tubes mechanisms. The rod/tubes mechanisms permits the house safe slide fast descent, along the rod/tubes, to the cellar base. The house descent is cushioned by the float structure. During most of the natural disasters, the house, lowered to the base of cellar cavity, is protected and safe. After the natural disaster pass away, the cellar cavity is filled with water, from nearby swimming pool, water tank, rainwater tank, bore water, or nearby creek/river water. Alternative lifted by bottle (barrel)  jacks. In accordance to Archimedes law, once the cellar base is filled with water, the house, with its float structure, starts to float. More water makes the house rise up to the desired level. Then the locking mechanisms of the guided rod/tubes, is applied, to lock the house at the desired level. For floods, the guided rod/tubes are extended above ground and further, up to the highest flood level. With the float structure, the house floats, guided by the extended rod/ the end of flooding, the house is lowered to the surface level, guided by the rod/tubes and locket to the rod/tubes, at the desired level. Water from the cellar is then pumped out. The dimension of the float structure, to lift the house  from the cellar cavity, is dependent on the total weight of the house.  A prefabricated house would be lighter, or build from aerated concrete, or straw-bales. During the year, the cellar is used for entertaining, sport, games and as a cellar storage. Partly filled with water for a large swimming pool. During the year the cool cellar provides reduced cost for the house cooling and heating. With the extended rod/tubes house will float, during water rising floods.

During the natural disasters, as above mentioned, the writer's proposed technology based on compressed air from battery of air tanks, provides power for house appliances and clean and cool air for the occupants, during disasters for breathing. Especially, bushfire smoke is a significant public health problem. Prior to bushfire, the air cylinders marked  compressed air breathing, should be tested for oxygen level. LED lighting. The proposed solar panels powering an air compressor is simple and fail-safe. The writer's Line-Up houses, Umbrella Table UnionR and the Solar and Compressed Air Managed HouseholdTM , standard patent  technology and registered design is described at

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