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Patented family house foundation with guides, lowered underground from surface, prior to natural disasterPa
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Mgr. Mirko Riha, Inventor

Natural disasters caused by nature are happening as a result of earth's being active and dynamic.

The influence of climate change on weather conditions indicates that more natural disasters are to be expected. Therefore for the future reduction of vulnerability is essential and readiness to cope with impacts. The Umbrella Table UnionR Riha technology, enabling houses or units to be moved vertically, will save people lives and their properties, during natural disasters. Natural disasters such as bushfires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes affect thousands of people and their properties every year. During the recent 2011 natural disasters, the earthquake and consequent tsunami in Japan, 15,000 people were killed, causing estimated $300 billions in damages, including the nuclear meltdown. The damage of earthquake in New Zealand, was comparatively small.

Weather related events are generally on the rise. Hurricane Sandy 2012, in United States caused at least 50 people killed and estimated $20 billions damage. Since 1980, as statistics indicate floods has almost tripled and storms doubled. World climate scientist believe that the frequency and severity will increase with the climate change.

The 2012/2013, Australian floods and bushfires. Many homes, businesses, schools and family properties lie in ruins. During bushfires, all that remains of many buildings are the brick chimneys stacks surrounded by burn down debris. During tsunami just debris. During bushfire, some houses remained unburned, demonstrating the unpredictable nature of the fire passage. The authority of Victoria issued a new building standard for new houses. However, the new standard does not guarantee that a building or its occupants will survive a bushfire. Scientists say the link between global warming and bushfires is established. More frequent and more intensive bushfires are to be expected. The global warming demands action. Solution is described by the author's  previous article: The patented family house foundation with guides, lowered underground from surface, prior to natural disaster.

The climate change requires survival preparedness. For people to survive natural disasters and their family properties, requires their house to be safe. Study of Tony D. Auld and Ross A. Bradstock, NSW National park and Wildlife: Soil temperature after passage of a fire: Do they influence the germination of buried seeds. From their findings, after a bushfire, the temperature in the 3-5 cm depth may be higher, over 5 cm, usually not exceeding 40o C, in dependence of seeds dormancy. During bushfire just the top surface up to 5 cm is influenced by the extremely high bushfires temperatures, up to about 40o C. A family house (donga) is lowered alongside guides into a protected earth's cavity, provides a safe cool environment, with comfort. The roof of the lowered house requires protection by spreading fireproof material. The house (donga) slides alongside the guides technology, ensures controlled, lowering of the house with its occupants into safe environment, once alarm of natural disaster is issued. A safe, emergency exist is provided through the roof.
Few compressed air (breathing) cylinders size (G) 9m3/20 000 kPa in storage,  adequate water tank, waste water tank,  food and utilization of the disaster power to generate electricity for the air compressor. Flood flow and tsunami flow providing hydropower,hurricane,tornados providing  wind energy  and the bushfire temperature /earth differentiation providing thermopower. The energy supply, keep the occupant in comfort of their house, days, or weeks. During floods, the house with buoyancy is floating with the flood water level, alongside the extendable guides. Once the natural disaster passes away and the flood water subside, the guided house settles at the ground level. Following bushfire, the lowered house is guide lifted from the cavity to the ground level. The survival technique is described in the previous article of the Australian Umbrella Table UnionR:" The patented family house foundation with guides, lowered underground from surface, prior to natural disaster". The patented and Design certificate of the examination, for building durable, adamantine houses. Design will safe lives and save millions (billions) of dollars rebuilding destroyed and damaged homes, by the natural disaster.  

Despite the  good electronic communication, people are dying and properties are destroyed, as proved during the recent 2014 USA tornado.

The Riha family suffered recently the  loss of their loved son David James Riha. A high school science teacher and assisting in Riha family patented  development projects. 

In loving memory of our 45 years old son David James Riha, born 24.4.1971, and passed away 18.10. 2016.

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