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Solar Compressed Air Managed Household
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Solar and Compressed Air Managed Household Trade Mark

Under the  Umbrella and on the Table are most of the natural disasters union, to deal with.

By Mirko Riha, inventor                    

 Pneumatics are with us already for a long time. Blacksmiths used bellows to pump air for working iron and metals. Historian assumed that bellows were used as early as 1000 BC. Much later, in 1650, in accordance to Wikipedia, Otto von Guericke invention of the first air pump. In 1700 French physicist Denis Papin used waterwheel power to compress air that was transmitted through tubes. In 1829 an first stage air compressor was patented. In 1865 patent by Alfred Beach was issued for pneumatic subway. In 1875 patent by D.Brown was issued for pneumatic tubes for transporting objects using compressed air. In 1871 Samuel Ingersoll invented the pneumatic drill. In 1890,Charles Brady King invented the pneumatic hammer. In 1899 John Thuman obtained patent for his motor driven vacuum cleaner. In 1920 Jacob Perkins obtained patent for vapour-compression refrigerated system. Since 1920,compressed air from  compressed air motor, many pneumatic tools and machinery were developed, to save labour. Industrial pneumatics, tools and automatic machinery, automatic control  and digital-logic control systems. Pneumatics used in factories, are efficient, harsh and noisy.

Many of the past inventions were created by free spirited individual inventors. In modern times of sophistication, starting with  an idea, through the prototypes to market product is hard work. In addition, the intellectual property rights, are costly. Altogether, the process requires hard work and  large financial outlay. Free spirited individual, especially the older inventors, without acknowledgement, financial support and grants, are in declining numbers. As a consequence, many new ideas, will remain with these inventors and  never serve other people and the world.
Many younger inventors became institutionalised, employed by large companies, universities and scientific institutions. The employed inventors are given  directives to develop items for the benefits of the companies, universities and scientific institutions programs. The companies, universities and  institutions are receiving financial support, grants and tax advantages.
Commencing in 1985, the writer, an inventor, for the past 50 years, professional and senior, forethought the future global needs for household' items powered by compressed air. The technology requires a central household's air compressor. Any kind of energy can run the air compressor, including solar. The excess compressed air is stored in sheltered air tanks.  Solid state solar cell being  attractive because having no moving parts and are very simple. As noisy industrial compressed air is intolerable to power households, the writer reduced noise, in 1985, led to his word's first: Household's items powered by compressed air. There were few world firsts on his account. The 1964 world first: Interaquifer flow iron removal treatment, internationally published. The 1973 world first: Interaquifer flow, hydraulically arresting  oil spill and its removal, internationally published The 1979 world first: In situ Riha pump multi-stage sampling and groundwater quality testing. In 1992, confirmed by the USA patent court.
The writer was fortunate that in 1989, in Europe, communisms collapsed. Since 1948, in Czechoslovakia, Communist coup d'etat, political freedoms were abolished and anti- communists prosecuted. The writer's  family members were prosecuted. His father, a prominent barrister and solicitor, an anti-communist, was twice jailed and his possessions and properties confiscated.
In 1991,the new democratic Czechoslovakia returned part of his father's property, assisting in the development of his compressed air inventions.

There are few disadvantages for household powered by compressed air and many advantages. The writer in his Solar and Compressed Air Managed HouseholdTM turned the disadvantages into advantages. In accordance to Australian  Bureau of Statistics 4604.0, households are responsible-either directly,or indirectly  for 56% of greenhouse gasses emissions. The central household's air compressor, air intake having a CO2 filter, for reduction of the greenhouse gas content of the area. Smaller distribution powerplants for reduction of greenhouse gasses may give better results than centralised large powerplants.Any other filter can be added. An active household

The other main disadvantage is the noise produced by working pneumatics. The industrial pneumatics dictate efficiency and thus, the industrial pneumatics even with silencers are noisy. The factory workers protect their hearing by ear plugs, or ear muffs. Within households, the places where people spent most of time of their life, living, sleeping, working  and playing, the noisy industrial pneumatics are intolerable. It would be very difficult to sleep next to a noisy air compressor, or next to the working compressed air tools, or noisy household appliances. The writer's scientific analyses of household's inside knowledge was prerequisite to problem solving, including noise. Since 1985, a methodological investigations for problem solving identification are stated in  his Solar and Compressed Air Managed HouseholdTM . The household environment effects people health and well being and as  such must be quiet,unintrusive, safe and healthy.
The writer's Solar and Compressed Air Managed HouseholdTM became a contribution to the 5.June 2010 Environment Day  of United Nations.

In 1990, Czechoslovakian Government asked the world for assistance to investigate   water and groundwater pollution, in places, previously occupied  by the Red-Soviet army. The writer, director of the Australian company Solavan Pty Ltd, being a professional in this field decided to help Czechoslovakia, with his  knowledge and  inventions. With Australian Government (Austrade),at the begin, the provided assistance was greatly appreciated. The 1989 Czechoslovakian Velvet Revolution market the death knell of communisms. On  January 1, 1993, saw Czechoslovakia split in two separate countries, the Czech and Slovak Republic. Many of the cruelties committed by the Czechoslovakian communists, since 1948, remained unpunished. As there were not attempt to rectify historic wrongs, this led to conflicts of interests. From 1989, the writer's experience of the post-communisms era, until present time, will be later described.
It is greatly appreciated that buildings and households use sustainable energy. All  power methods for  households should be tested, analysed in view of future perspective, including the electrical direct current (DC), alternated current (AC) and compressed air . A house powered by solar panels (DC), with access energy stored in lithium batteries, was built in Japan. The solar produced direct current electricity (DC) is converted means inverter into alternated current 220/240V electric current (AC), powering the household's appliances. Henceforward the global finances should be available for all alternatives, including  household's items powered by compressed air.

Lithium, the 25th most abundant element on earth, is an important ingredient in the lithium Ion batteries, may cure the transport world of its addiction to oil. All other technologies are less attractive to the potentially high energy density of lithium based batteries. In the future, if all of the road transport will be powered by lithium batteries, it remains a question if there will be enough lithium for batteries to power buildings and households? 

In some locations the proposed Solar and compressed air managed householdTM is preferable to the electric alternated systems (AC). It  provides water saving,  reducing carbon emissions, safe and healthy environment. The  common arguments against sustainable energy are that sustainable energy cannot produce day and night steady, reliable stream of energy. The Solar and compressed air managed household TM  compressed air produced by the solar energy, is stored in air tanks. The air tanks are long lasting, inexpensive, made from steel,  or light in weight, from plastics.

In April 2010, Australian scientific organization CSRIO, in partnership with National Association of Steel-Framed Housing, the Bushfire CRS and NSW Rural Fire Service,    tested  specifically built house and its survival during bushfire. Their designed house built almost all from steel, survived the artificially induced, simulated  bushfire. Interior of the house possible too hot for occupants. A house, specially built to survive bushfire, with the household's appliances  powered by compressed air, would have advantages. The house interior cooled by air from sheltered air tanks and the cooled occupants would survive, breathing cool air from air tanks, instead of the air toxics in bushfire smoke. Houses covered by thermal barrier blankets, were not fire tested. It is envisaged that house protected by thermal barrier blankets, would survive bushfire, as well. It would be  advisable that  all of the future alternatives are tested, to protect life and properties.

Modern world consumes vast amount of energy. Some changes are already in process. The water thirsty Saudi Arabia, their desalination plant were, in the past,  powered by oil. Desalination plants are energy intensive. The Saudi Arabia  is now planning solar powered desalination plants. Saudi Arabia recognised that the tremendous amount of oil currently powering the desalination plants, the solar energy will significantly reduce the cost of fresh water and conserve oil.

It is very difficult to predict which form of energy and technology will provide energy for society in the future. For the future the development of  alternatives is important  to avoid chaos, once oil, gas and all other essentials will diminish. 
©1988-2010 Mirko Riha

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