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s, dryers,powered by air expansion motors, with their exhaust air intensifying the washing and cleaning process, great water saving, with low demand of detergents. An high pressure air compressor is powered either by a series of solar panels, or by three phase 400volt, from the powerlines grid. During floods, compressed air safely powers pumps, tools, machinery, equipment and household's  appliances. The air pressurised household keeps flood water out.  
Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM occupants survival residential and commercial fire producing toxic gases. The occupants  breathing  the cold air from compressed air tanks. The household's fire fighting system deploys the compressed air tanks, externally and if required internally, forcing the fire fighting  foam, or dry chemicals into a thermal barrier blanket protection. Fire fighting readiness by turning the shut-off valve into the "flow on" position.  The high energy foam, or dry chemicals are efficient fire suppressants, slowing fire as it cools the property,  reducing the oxygen content. Reduces the surface tension and increases the penetration causing the temperature drop. Externally, the foam, and or, dry chemical dust stick  to the cleaned roof and walls of the property. If internally required, to the walls and ceilings. A household external and internal fire fighting system has the capacity to extinguish fire and  saving life and properties.
Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM the clean, close to natural Earth's magnetic field contributing to healthier and longer life span of woman and man.

Electricity is the flow of electrons between items of differing potential Solar panels convert sunlight directly into direct current electricity. The Solar and Air Managed HouseholdTM electronic household items such as TV,DVD,computer,printer,scanner and lighting operated directly from the DC of the solar panels, without the inefficient invertors. Without the common AC 240 volts, of 50/60 frequency and its electromagnetic field, causing AC electric faults, weekly, 30 Australians, according to the Australian statistics, will not be  injured, or killed. The human body's direct contact with AC electric current is often fatal. While some burns look minor, there still may be serious internal damage, especially to the heart, muscles and brain. In addition, electricity and water do not mix. Water became a pathway during the electrocution, travelling  through a body. For example, a hair dryer splashed with water may cause electrocution and even death. 

The Writer's Experience as a Professional and  Inventor
He studied two years civil engineering and four years engineering geology and hydrogeology. As a 24 years old, he graduated with University degree and in addition,a 60 years old, received the European title Magister. From 1968 to 1988, the writer worked with the Geological Survey of Victoria, as a hydrogeologist and inventor in his own rights. Since 1969 a member of the Inventor association of Victoria and from 1987 of Western Australia. Back in Europe, an engineering geologist and hydrogeologist,worked in three different countries. Knowledge of the six languages helped. His genuine,original inventions for groundwater and surface water investigation technology, won the 1980 ABC TV Inventor of the Year Award. His Australian patented technologies were published internationally, including UNESCO (geology 1988). For the years 1979 and 1980,he received the prestigious gold medal from the World Health Organization Mordiale de la Santee and gold medal of the International Invention Competition in Geneva.In 1981, his genuine,original technologies, were presented at the international hydrogeological symposium at Noordwijkerhout,Netherlands, published by Elsevier,Scienific publishing company, Amsterdam. The writer presented his Australian developed technology at international conferences and international fairs in Europe/Australia, in USA (1983), and at the headquarters of  UN (1981),in Paris and (1983) in New York. In 1989, he designed a technology for removal cyanobacteria from dams, rivers and lakes, planned to be used in Czechoslovakia. 
In 1982 Australian patented Riha PumpsR products, were manufactured and installed by Solavan Pty Ltd, his family company.Presently, his genuine,original technologies are used  worldwide and  serving  groundwater and pollution investigations and removal of pollutants.

His retirement working plan was involuntary changed. In Victoria, his duty was to investigate groundwater pollution of western suburbs of Melbourne. Some companies, illegally dumped their toxic wastes into old, unused basalt quarries, polluting groundwater. He was daily exposed to the highly toxic groundwater and for callibration,he took the. instrumentation to  his family home, for calibration. Eventually, gradually, he became violently ill. Antibiotics were not curing his pleurisy. He lost 50% lung capacity, due to paralysed intercostal muscles. The exposure to the toxins caused disturbance of his basic biochemical and biophysical processes, resulting in chemical and physicochemical hypersensitivity to AC electric and electromagnetic field. He could not work and be close to his electrical 240 volts tools. There is a basic duality between the chemical structure and frequencies. Seems that the AC hypersensivity had influence upon the hormones Melatonin and Serotonin, causing reduction of immunity to infection and medication, depression, tiredness, nervousness, headaches, sleepiness and  muscular disturbances. On advice of doctors, he moved with his family to Perth, to its warm and dry climate. Thanks to his GP and the other medical specialists of WA and the most appreciated outdoor living of Perth,after three years he partly recover. Research and development was an important part of his life. As an inventor, found a solution, replacing his AC 240 volts tools for air powered tools. The air compressor is in the garage, away from  household. He realised the superiority of air we breathe, filtered,clean,of zero pollution. As no air powered appliances were non on the market, his  R&D concentrated on air powered household's appliances. His 25 years old desire to create a safe and healthy household of zero pollution, where people relax and sleep, commenced :

His 1988-2008 Air Powered Safe, Healthy  and Water Saving Inventions

The writer/inventor, during his illness, realised the superiority of air, we breathe and its power. With his finances, he developed a number of air powered  inventions, designed to improve his life quality. As he could not easily stand up and bend, he required a lift chair. The air powered platform is his invention, for any chair placed upon the platform. At the 2004 ABC TV, the New Inventors remembrance program for the previous ABC TV winners, his pneumatically operated platform was demonstrated, with him and his beloved chair, was lifted and lowered. The pneumatically powered platform easily lifts any heavy chair plus the weight of the user, over 500kg. A low capacity air  tank provide air to lift and lower the chair many times over, during any electric failures. His other invention was, the ergonomic air lift massage chair, with the changeable  massage intensity.  The ergonomic air lift massage chair received second price at
the 2007 Royal Perth Show, Inventors Expo. Since 2007. His further invention is the automatic air powered shower. In 1999, he received Certificate of Merit from the West Australian Minister for Seniors, as a recognition of high design standard of his air operated shower. In 1999, water was inexpensive and plenty. Since then, due to consumption and droughts, the water supply is in short supply. Recently the United Nation document gave a grim assessment of the state of the planet's freshwater. The air powered Riha Massage Shower requires only 5 litres of water per shower, compared to the usual 90/200 litres of water, per shower. The 5 litres shower is the most enjoyable, with the dry-wet-drying-dry massage. The Riha Massage Shower is automatic for person either standing, sitting and or, modified for person laying. The construction is durable and corrosion prove. The Riha's 5litres Massage Shower received second price at the 2008 Sustainable Energy Competition, at WA University. His invention for the sufferers of computer related illnesses. The human body was not designed to sit hours of concentration, in one position. His invented air actuated construction, is moving the computer user, causing his, or hers successive  sitting position changes. His inventions is an air powered a foldable umbrella with large table,unused,elevated and stored out of way. Sport game was developed, using two interconnected air cylinders for children and adults. The household's inventions are covered by intellectual property rights. A  number of domestic appliances of the writer's family household, are successfully powered by air, we breathe, via compressed air tanks, powering air controlls,valves, air motors and air cylinders. A prove that most of the household appliances able to be powered by  compressed air..

Daily, people spent many hours in their hoseholds,living and sleeping. For a healthy lifestyle and healthy life span, a household's environment should be free of any  negative influences. About 120 years ago, one invention was the alternating current and electromagnetic field, has disconnected the human from the natural Earth's magnetic field. Ulrich Wamke,2008: Birds, Bees and Mankind Destroying nature by "electrosmog". There is a  massive and sudden decline of honeybee population due to the Colony Collapse Disorder, in USA and Europe. The disorientation of bees caused by electromagnetic field,the  honeybees not finding the way back home, starve and die. Birds are disappearing across North America. The man made electric current and electromagnetic field, disconnection from the nature, may have caused changes in function in human biological regulatory system. The writer/inventor, from his own experience, is convinced that  precautionary principle should be applied to  household, where people relax and sleep. Change the household environment, as close as possible, to the natural Earth's magnetic field and with filtered clean air to activate the healthy human immune system (between birth and death, over 70 trillion cells are mended). To relieve nervousness, headaches, depression and sleepiness and give people the opportunity to recharge. Back to the natural Earth's magnetic field and filtered clean air may contribute to the peak performance of athletes in biophysical progression. In relation to mind and nervous system, neuromuscular relaxation, allowing  the anxiety disorders to vanish. Increase the potential and effectiveness of therapeutic bioelectromagnetic medicine applications. Back  to the natural Earth's magnetic field and filtered clean air cooling and warming, may contribute to a healthier and longer  life span of woman and man.

The 1999, the writer/inventor received the  Commonwealth Recognition Award for Senior Australians. The 1999 was the International Year of Older Persons.

In accordance to thermodynamics, the air compression heats air up and expanding cools air down.The production of compressed air means 85% heat and is used by heat exchanger, for household's hot water and heating. The cold air  from air tanks, operating the household appliances, may be used for air conditioning. The earth atmosphere content is nitrogen 78.08%, oxygen 20.93%,argon 0.93% and carbon dioxide 0.03% and of the other gases,neon,helium,krypton and xenon, does not change during the acompression. The Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM Solar energy is not available at night and energy storage is an important issue, because households usually assume continuous availability of energy. For energy storage, the Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM uses compressed air tanks  of 300 bars  pressure. Instead of the batteries, which are bulky, expensive, short-life, filled with hazardous chemicals. The pressure air tanks are tested and approved by the government authority. The household's appliances powered by about 8 bars air pressure, usually narrow tubes of 6 mm,do not require government's authority approval. A simple, push-in fitting repairs any tube cut. During the hottest days the Solar panels produce less electricity due to the electrical resistance to the flow electrons. The exhaust air from the household appliance cool down the Solar panels, during the hot days. An ecofriendly household, utilizes the heat for hot water and heating and exhaust air from cooling.  An air conditioned household requires large amount of electricity, heating or cooling the whole room. A type of Vortex tubes provide  maximum temperature drop of 100F (55.6C). Using the air flow through jackets, chairs and sleeping blankets, underlays, may provide the optimal and comfortable temperature.
The carbon dioxide of air content  varies between 0.035% and 0,039% and is increasing.  About 35% C02 increase from time of industrialization. Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson study indicated the carbon dioxide emission contributing the climate change. Higher temperature due to CO2 increases in ozone production in urban areas. Each increases of 1degree Celsius caused by CO2, results in air pollution and would lead annually to about a thousand additional death in USA, due to respiratory illnesses, emphysema, asthma and cardiovascular illnesses. The U.S. Environmental Protection agency found that climate warming greenhouse gasses, pose a danger to human health and welfare.
Water makes up 70% of the human body and is essential element of life. The 99% of human body mass is made up from oxygen,carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. Bioelectricity is prevalent naturally in a human body. Current runs through the human body. Life on Earth developed over millions of years.The human were exposed to natural, Earth's own variation in the magnetic field and sunlight, a necessity of life. Human brain tissue contains a few million magnetite particles per gram (Kirswink et al. 1992). Magnetite is iron mineral (Fe3O4). It is difficult to envisage how oscillating  magnetomechanical interactions of an electromagnetic field with magnetite crystals could affect  a significant number of pressure-sensitive ion channels in the brain. During the past 120 years, human were exposed, to the man made powerful electric current and electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic, oscilating  field, producing current in the body, may have some negative influences to the  genetics, bioelectricity and pH bodily functions. Despite the great progress in medicine and medications, there are many  unexplained illnesses on increase.

The writer's proposed Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM system having series of solar panels, DC operating  operating domestic electronics and lighting. Solar panel powering the air compressor, all of the domestic appliances and filling high pressure air tanks. In case of inadequate electrician hybrid system solar panels DC operate the domestic electronics, lighting. The air compressor is powered by direct  three fase 400volts from the powerlines grid, operating all of the household appliances and filling high pressure air tanks. Since the industrialization, CO2 air content increased by 35%.The Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM filtered air supplies clean air for breathing and  provides a safe and healthy household environment. Presently, almost all of the household's electronic device circuits require a steady direct current, as produced by the DC/DC Solar panels. The future Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM  lighting is the light-emitting diodes LED, free of the mercury and operated by Solar panels DC,without the inefficient inverters. The US made Geobulb produces 60watts, uses 7.5 watts and features 20 years of usage  4 hours per day, 40 times longer than incandescent and 10 times longer than compact fluorescent. During  the lightless (windless) day periods, the Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM backup is by the high pressure air tanks, powering a generator. The  shielded air compressor, is located away from the household, either in a cellar, or bunker, or reinforced garage, or spare room. 

The Proposed Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM Water Saving Strategy. Saving our precious water is one of the important target of the proposed, compressed air driven household system.  As previously described, the  Riha 5litres water shower, saves up to 120 litres water per shower, with an enjoyable massage. Students of  the National University of Singapore, developed Waterless washing machine. The machine  uses negative ions, compressed air and deodorant. A winner of the ElectroLux Lab 2005 Award. The household appliances, powered by compressed air, either pressure, or vacuum, will  save water of dryers, dishwashers, vacuum toilets. A compressed air driven household provides great water saving for its appliances.

The 2009 Victorian bushfire casualties
173 people died and about 500 people were injured. People were either burned to death, or died from inhalation of the  burning deadly, biogas smoke. Fire disasters were investigated  by the World Health Organization, United Nation Environmental Program, World Metrological Organization for vegetation fires guidelines. A bushfire is  comparable to the vegetation fire events. The high concentration of inhalable particulate matters  are found in smoke from vegetation fire constituting a great health risk. Suspended particulate matter has been associated with increased mortality and morbidity.
In the Victorian bushfire infernos, over 2,000 houses were burned down and 1,500 public properties were burned down. The total cost of the Victorian bushfire is not known. It is expected  that the cost of fire, expressed in the percentage to the Australia's GDP, will increase, as a result of the direct and indirect cost of the Victorian fire losses.
Forest Fires Overseas.
During the past two years, in Greece, 63 people died from forest fires; recently, in 2009  California, despite the application of the  most modern fire fighting technology, with a great numbers of airtanks, massive wildfire demonstrated its power. Two fire fighters died, 11 were insured and 53 houses destroyed. US news stated that due to the nature's  weather change,    cooler temperature, humidity and calm wind, Californian firefighters made dramatic gain. Nature on its own prevented great disaster.In 2011, loss of of life 50,000  (including the Japanese earthquake) and financial loss US$370 billions.In 2012 loss of life 14,000 and US$186 billion (2013,Curich,Switzerland ). The world scientists predict an increase in natural catastrophes.

The climate and biodiversity are unpredictable, so are the bushfires.
Extremely hot weather is not experienced every year. Heat waves are not experiences every year, causing main bushfire, with direction changing strong winds. One and the same area and location, is not affected by bushfire every year. The total fire protections of the to private and public properties are expensive. The fire prevention and protection, if not used  frequently,  may become  neglected and inefficient. Clean air for breathing, is essential for people survival. The inhalation of the deadly biogas, produced by bushfires, may cause serious injuries and  death. The unused fire protection for many years, including the life supporting air system, may become inoperative, during bushfire emergency. Due to malfunction of the dated accessories, sprinkler jet blockage, corrosion, leakage, stuck valves and other reasons.

Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM Fire Safety Strategy. Australian bushfire is an essential element in the life cycle of the Australian bush. Plants evolved to have the benefits for future regeneration to grow after fire. The Australian natural environment  demands that households and  all private and public properties are fire safe-guarded.

The household's solar and compressed air main functions, patent pending technology, should be  internationally evaluated  and tested, especially within the open, or dense areas where bush and vegetation throw embers into air, which blow down to the houses, destroying them.
The Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM would provide:
a) compressed air is the driving force to power most of the household's appliances. The pneumatic system is durable, safe and  maintained, as it is used daily. Air compressor is powered either by the electric DC solar panels, or by AC three phase electric motor;
b) medium size air compressor required, household's appliances being synchronized, powered  in sequence and  not all at once
c) compressed, high pressure  air fills  the air tanks, as described in the earlier submission
d) compressed air motor/DC generator, at night, powers the household's lights and electronics
e) prevention of bushfire is most important. Compressed air removes combustible debris, leafs and branches from solar panels, roofs and gutters
f) compressed air tanks, during the  bushfire, electric fire, or any other fire, provide clean and cool  air for people breathing
g) The fire fighting agent  formulations are dry chemicals, bicarbonates, ammonium phosphates, foams, mica and  fine sand. Compressed air fire suppression system forces the fire fighting agents over the fire defended property. The household's external thermal barrier blanket, saves  life and  the property
h) compressed air tanks provide long lasting air supply, for the thermal barrier blanket and any other fire fighting emergencies
i) suppresses the ember attack and that of the front fire. The thermal barrier blanket separates the fuel from the oxygen supply and prevents reflash.The thermal barrier blanket surrounding molecules, creating a strong thermal isolation,  keeping the burning substances out of the burning process and blocks the start of any fire
j) if required, an internal fire fighting formulation is spread by a sprinkler system, creating very strong thermal isolation and prevent the accumulation of heat which could start the burning process
k) compressed air fire fighting coating, agent for the thermal barrier blanket, withstands the high flame temperatures for several hours, without burning. During a bushfire, electric fire, or any other fire, The Solar and Air Managed HouseholdTM  compressed air fire suppression system provides a shelter. The risks of life and material losses would be minor. Due to the climate change and record temperature variations, either people will take the responsible for their survival and properties, or the government 
l) After the fire, compressed air aids to clean up the property.

Compressed air, the  driving power of the Solar and oAir Managed  HouseholdTM  provides a fire suppression system. The fundamental safety strategy of the Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM is the replacement of the traditional electric AC 110/240V,  by compressed air. Globally, sizable ignitions of structures are due to electric power grid, AC electrical faults, associated with electric wiring, devices and electric  appliances causing fire.

World fire Statistics, blame electrical fires as one of the leading types of fire.

Inter Fire Online,USA, investigated the causes of residential fire, due to electrical faults. Their focus was solely on single-phase AC alternating electricity 110/240V distribution systems. Cause of fires in percent: 34.7% fixed wiring;17.2% cords and plugs;12.4% light fixtures;11.4% switches;8.3% lamps and light bulbs; 5.6% fuses, circuit breakers; 2.2% meters and meter boxes; 1% transforators; 7.3% unclassified or unknown electrical distribution equipment.

In Finland, the Safety Technology Authority investigated the household's electrical appliances causing fires: 17% electrical installation; 18% Cooker or Owen; 12% TV; 11% lighting; 10% washing machines 5% electric heater; 3% refrigeration equipment; 6% production equipment. Heavy smoke released by the above appliances makes the fires particularly dangerous. Once ignited, the fire progresses rapidly. The elapsed time from ignition to full strengths is only few minutes, living very little time for first-aid extinguishing and escape.

The Geneva Association ,World Fire Statistics 2008, investigation the number of people died, due to  fires, property losses, in percentage to GDP.

Fire Deaths

Country2003  2004 2005
Australia135      110  140
Germany545  560 605
New Zealand  4030 30
France   645560 605
USA    4,3004,250 4,000
Japan                            2,300  2,050   2,250

Cost of Fire in Millions A$ (at the Present Exchange Rate)                                     

Country  200320042005% of GDP 2003-05
Germany                          6,497   5,162   5,340  0.14
New Zealand                                              130 (1986-88)  
France                                              5,9635,429  5,963 0.20
USA                                                          15,340 12,390 13,570 0.10
Japan                                                           6,045   6,760  7,995   0.11

The above total property loss is just a small portion of the overall total fire loss, which usually exceeds  1 percent of the national GDP. More and more new electrically powered domestics appliances are being developed, will require more and more electric power generation and stronger electric grid. The annual fire costs are very significant and demands serious attention, now and for the future.

Whereas in comparison with road safety, crime prevention and industrial safety, little, or nothing is being done to cut fire costs.

Compressed Air Drive Force  System, may power most of the household's appliances.
Medium size compressor required working in sequence and not at same time. Provides bushfire prevention means, cleaning the solar pannels,roof and gutters from  leaves and branches.  During fire emergency, provides fire suppression system a thermal barrier blanket, protection for people and property. The dry pulverised fire suppression system, or foam, spread by compressed air, can handle  any kind of fire, creating  a thermal barrier blanket. The bushfire, electric fire, or any other kind of fire. Compressed air provides clean, cool air for breathing.  Activates a sprinkler system and provides suppression of fire. The proposed system adopted worldwide, would offer fall in fire death and dramatic fall in fire property losses, the directs and indirect costs, expressed in  the nations GDP savings. The speciality of the compressed air drive system is its adjustability to update and modernise, to the likely users: the fire services, fire protection associates, fire equipment suppliers, fire insurers, government, industry, commerce and academics.

The Traditional Bushfire Defence is Dependant on Water. 
Water is the best agent known, its cooling effect aids in removing the heat of combustion. Water has few limitations (CAF 2005). Water lacks the ability to penetrate and has propensity to run off vertical surfaces due to the surface tension of the water molecule. From CFS observations the embers and fast fire front, burn most houses from inside out, not the other way round. Gravity run off, is another negative. Water may violently react with some chemicals. The volume of water available, or the rate of flow, sometimes is insufficient to overcome the heat generated by the fuel load. During a bushfire  large amount of water is required for the traditional fire fighting. Australia is the driest continent and most of the Australian states suffer water shortages, during the hot, dry seasons. For bushfire survival, the fire authorities recommend water storage in excess of 10,000 litres per household. Water was the least expensive extinguishing agent, not poisoning the land. Aircrafts are used to combat bush/wild fires. The fixed wing aircraft, are the airtanks. Filled with water, or with fire retardant with a pump, at their air base, or skimming water from lakes, dams and rivers. Helicopters are either fitted with tanks or carry buckets. Water is siphoned to their tank through a hanging snorkel, from lakes, dams and rivers, or the bucket is submerged. The helicopters hover over the fire and accurately drop water. During the last Californian wildfire, according to the US press,  two DC  converted jets were used, carrying 45,000 litres/each and the Boeing 747, 75,600 litres. With fire retardant 15%, water content is 85%.  Further,eight  C-130J, carry 13,000 litres/each and 15 helicopters. The efficiency of the most modern firefighting technology against  full-scale wildfire, is limited. Airtankers slow down a bushfire, but they cannot relied upon to put the fire out. The US news stated that the colder weather, humidity and calm wind, saved another 12,000 houses, 100 factories and kept the flame from driving into hearts of the dense suburbs northeast of Los Angeles. The witness reported that it looked like hell, the fire created its own winds. There was no way of predicting which way fire would go.

The  No So Past, Recent and Future Climate Change Era  
During the last century the Earth's population was low. All of the household's few appliances were hand operated. The electricity demand for industry, transport and households was just beginning. The Earth's air pollution was negligent and there were  few natural catastrophes. The invention of electricity for lighting was the first great break through. Few years later, electric appliances were developed, for industry, transport and household, replacing  previous hard manual work. The development of electric, direct and  alternative current was a blessing. The ingenuity of mankind followed with the development of electric tools and goods for industry, agriculture, transport and households. Followed by a massive expansion of new era industry, agriculture, transport and  households goods
The Recent Climate Change Era. The great proliferation in Earth's population. The global, huge electricity demand for industry, agriculture transport and households. More people require more food. Great agricultural production followed. The immense demand for  industry, agriculture, transport and household products, led to the massive increase in mining of coal,minerals,oil and gas. More and more electricity was demanded, requiring  larger and larger power stations and more extended overhead powerlines grids. The overhead powerlines and the 110-240 volts system, is dangerous and can kill. Apparently, very little research has been conducted on underwater electrical shock and electric hazards. The amount of electric current in the underwater environment to cause death depends upon many factors, including the strengths of the electrical field. Documented is an accident of 19.6.2008. A British tourist was electrocution in Pattaya flood, wading through up to his knee flood water to return his room. No one dared to enter the water. He was picket up by bath bus. Unconscious transferred to hospital, where he died. Giant sea water waves slashing powerlines and household's electric wiring may lead to muscle constraction, ventricular fibrillation  and asphyxiation, resulting in paralyses and death: (Underwater electrical safety for divers, 2004, Robert Murray). Alternative current is dangerous, because of the more several muscular contractions it causes. The blue fin tuna, weighting 130kg, farmed up to 50kg and killed by electroslaughtering. Used electric field of moderate voltage and current. (2005,Preliminary experiences in the development of blue fin tuna, 2005: Soto,Villarejo,Mateo, Roca-Dorda-De la Gandara, Garcia).
The Centre for Research of the Epidemiology of Disasters at the University of Louvain in Belgium :"The long-term trend over the past decade shows a steady rise in victims".The  UN-ISDR statement:" Not only is the world globally facing more potential disasters, but increasing number of people are becoming vulnerable to hazards".
It is evident that catastrophes such as the fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, tropical and pacific cyclone, tornados, are increasing. In December 2004, the deadliest earthquake in recorded history, killing nearly 230,000 people. The attempts for prediction
of earthquakes proved fruitless. The recent 2009 earthquakes demonstrated that there is not yet practical system to predict an earthquake. The power of the nature proved to be enormous and unpredictable. The many hotels,households and infrastructure at beautiful places of the Earth, demands electric power, the extended overhead powerlines grid. The September 2009, earthquake ravaged Sumatra. According to the press, the clashed  powerlines and the household electric wiring caused fires to rage, across the city, of nearly one million people. During natural catastrophes, the clashed powerlines grid and exposure to household's electric wiring causes injuries and death. In September, 2009, the earthquake at Samoa, Tonga and American Samoa, hurled giant waves at the islands, caused devastating tsunami.  The  salt water is the best conductor of electricity. How many people have been electrocuted by seawater clashed overhead powerlines and electric wiring of household's, overrun by the giant waves, will remain unknown. It can be anticipated that many people were electrocuted and died. Others were  paralysed by the electric shock  and drowned.

Future Climate Change Era. Scientists,academics and political leaders  predict more and more future catastrophes, due to the climate change. Climate change may trigger more  frequent earthquake, fires, floods, tsunamis, landslides, tropical and pacific cyclones, tornados. Increase of cyanobacteria and algae is predicted as well. When a disaster strike, nations can only stick together. For the future, global community the main task is to develop and apply technology for survival of people and properties. In a reinforced household equipped and assisted by compressed air, people may survive catastrophes. The proposed alternative may protect life, health of people and  properties. The combination of solar panels and compressed air may assist in adopting of the adverse effect of climate change. In addition, facilitate the technique for reduction of greenhouse gas emission. The concept of the Kyoto Protocol and Convention.

The recent catastrophes demonstrated that nature horrifying power to destroy is immense and unpredictable. An alternative technology should be implemented for survival of people during catastrophes. The proposed Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM provides a great opportunity for the future. A reinforced household, equipped and assisted by compressed air, to produce a safe and healthy household environment. Rendering renewable energy, zero pollution, heating and cooling, water saving and survival during a disaster.  Bypasses the future electricity brownouts and blackouts increasing in lengths and frequency, with large increases in power prices. The compressed air stored in the air  tanks, provides fire fighting suppression system. During the fire infernos, compressed air spreads fire fighting particles over the property, creating a thermal barrier blanket, over the property. The occupants of the Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM can not be electrocuted and may survive  through a catastrophe, such as fire, tsunami. Shielded from fire, breathing cold air from the air tanks. The DC electricity produced by solar panels, powering an air compressor, will lower the household's electricity demand and for the reduced demand, the powerlines can be laid underground. During a catastrophe, no fires from clashing overhead powerlines, no exposed electric wires in households, during tsunami, no electrocution of people. The Solar and oAir Managed HouseholdTM  system developed in Australia, for a healthy, sociable household environment, improved efficiency and combating the extremes of climate changes. Creating jobs and offering an exiting opportunities for the global market, business, investment and commercialisation. A viable, intelligent solution of the United Nation social conscience. ©1985-2009 Mirko Riha

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